Ye Olde Texas Renaissance Festival

I always said if I ever went to the Texas Renaissance Festival that I wanted to do it up right! This year, I finally got my chance. While Kevin and I were having our first annual Halloween pilfer of the season, I found this amazing gold snake headpiece! I knew I had to have it even if I just wore it randomly around the house (Yes, I would!). So we decided on a whim, let’s go all out and finally check out the TRF! We started putting together our costumes that day. Over the course of the week, we each found the rest of our accessories and were ready to rock. The theme on our weekend was “All Hallows Eve.” It was an AMAZING day! The weather was great. I loved seeing people of all shapes and sizes looking fabulous in all kinds of different costumes. I held a beautiful snake, devoured some amazing funnel cake, and enjoyed my favorite activity; shopping! The night ended with a spectacular fireworks show. I need to start planning next year’s costume. Huzzah!

SIDE NOTE: I also have to give HUGE round of applause to the Texas Renaissance Festival for really having their act together. Despite the large crowds, the grounds were very clean and everything seemed extremely organized. There were plenty of CLEAN bathroom facilities too. After my ACL experience, I can’t tell you what a bonus that was! If you’ve never been before, I strongly recommend you go check it out!








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I live for fashion and decorating (and organizing)! I'm always making wishlists in my head. If I could shop for a living, I'd be the happiest girl in the world! I'm a member of the official Houston Fashion Bloggers.
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6 Responses to Ye Olde Texas Renaissance Festival

  1. Missy G says:

    You guys look awesome! I’ve never been to Ren Fest before and hope to go soon. It sounds like it would be a lot of fun!

  2. I like your outfit! The snake headpiece really made the whole thing!

  3. Sara! That headpiece is everything! You guys look amazing! I’ve never been to the Renaissance Festival so I might have to tog check it out now!

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