Tillery Street Plant Company

March is my birthday month, and my fiancé planned a surprise weekend trip to Austin for us. We did a little shopping and a lot of eating! The main thing on my agenda was to find a nursery to get some succulents for a terrarium project I’ve been wanting to do. I love the vitality that plants bring to a room. With a quick google search, we found Tillery Street Plant Company. It was an awesome little gem nestled in a quaint neighborhood. They had an amazing plant selection and the staff was friendly and helpful. (I asked for some tips about watering because I tend to over water.) I found everything I needed for my project. I didn’t really know what I was doing, so I just kind of winged it. It was fun to get my hands dirty! I am super happy with how it turned out. I hope I can keep the plants healthy and happy! If any of you have a green thumb, I’d love some tips!


Tillery Street Plant Company in Austin, TX.


Succulents for days. 


I made a new kitty friend! 


These were our final selections. 


My glass bowl plus some potting mix.


Pro tip: Don’t spill it all over the floor like I did.


I added the plants, some gray rocks, and a crystal for good vibes.

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Dining Room Vibes

I’m moving in less than a week, and I will finally have a proper dining space again! I’ll miss my teeny tiny city apartment, but it was not the best place for entertaining. I’m basically starting from scratch in this area and there are so many possibilities. It’s not a huge space, but a small space can still have big style. I’m loving combinations of acrylic, brass, marble, whites, blues and pinks. However my new space turns out, you can bet it won’t look like anyone else’s!

Dining Room Vibes
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Summer Chic

It is July in Houston, TX and it is HOT!!! It’s sweltering even with the air conditioner running full blast 24 hours a day, but over the weekend, my AC went out. It was the fourth of July weekend, so maintenance was no where to be found. It was scorching hot! All I could think about was packing my bags and going on vacation somewhere with plenty of water and a nice tropical breeze. At least I got a chance to plan the perfect getaway outfit. I chose these cut up jeans to provide some coverage from the sun, but also provide plenty of air flow to keep cool. I thought this pineapple tank was absolutely adorable! He’s so cute with his heart-shaped glasses. I am absolutely obsessed with the fringy multi-colored sandals. Throw on a few chic accessories, some sunblock, and call it summer ready.

Summer Chic


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Home Chef

Kevin and I tried our first Home Chef meal. Basically, you sign up online, choose your meal(s) and how many days a week you want them delivered. A box comes right to your door with all the ingredients needed to make the meal! It comes with a handy dandy binder with large recipe cards with pictures. It tells you step by step what to do, and the spices and things are already measured out for you. It was super delicious and healthy too!

PROS: Even I can cook with these kits. The directions are easy to follow and everything is already measured out for you.
All the ingredients were very fresh and the portion sizes were just right.
The box comes right to your door. You don’t have to go out and deal with the general public or sit in traffic trying to get the groceries yourself. BONUS POINTS!!!
It kind of seemed like a game for some reason. I’m sure the novelty wears off eventually. Maybe Kevin just tricked me into cooking….LOL!
CONS: It’s a little pricey. You could go out to eat for the same amount of money. (It’s still fair pricing considering the amount of packaging and shipping involved to get the fresh food delivered on time, but you could save a lot of money by just buying the things at the store yourself.)

Cooking involves dishes, so there’s still the clean-up factor.

Overall, we REALLY enjoyed it. It made for a fun and relaxing date night in. I’m still no Julia Child, but I felt like it for one night! We will definitely be ordering more.


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Glam Neutrals

Lately, I’ve been really digging the hip, stylish, uncluttered vibe of Scandinavian design. I’ve been pinning inspirations like a crazy person. I have always loved super glam, hot pink, and decorative accessories on every surface, but the longer I live in my tiny apartment, the more I want to just wipe the slate clean and start from scratch. I’d love to have something like this dining room setup. I love the clean straight lines, natural wood finishes, and of course, a teensy bit of gold (I can’t give up all my glamour!). It’s minimal without being cold. I’ve come to realize that the more stuff I have, the more stuff I have to CLEAN, and I have better things to do! Ha! Do you ever just want to do a complete home overhaul?



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Wine Me and Dine Me

I’m completely obsessed with black and gold together. I live in a teeny tiny apartment, so I don’t have a dining room at the moment. I dream of the day I can have a larger space with plenty of room for entertaining. I want a formal dining room that doesn’t feel formal. I want it to feel glamorous, but also have an artsy whimsical vibe. Check out my favorite statement pieces to get the room going.


1| Hedgehog Table Lamp   2| Jonathan Adler Plates   3| Piedmont Hands Vase   4| IKEA Cowhide Rug

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Faux Fur for Fall

Bring on the fall weather! In Houston, TX we jump at any chance to pretend we have fall weather in the actual fall. It fell below 90 degrees this week, and I was ready to bust out my tall boots! It is mid-September after all. For now, I’ll just start dreaming and planning about all the layers of faux fur, leather, and suede I can mix together. I’m also currently obsessed with non-traditional lip colors. I’m ready to lose the summer brights and try something darker. This deep purple shade of Dolce and Gabbana lipstick would match so perfectly with this Henri Bendel bag.

Fur for Fall
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